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April 26, 2005



It will be, unfortunately, up to the smart thinking [if there are any] republicans to reign in these wack jobs. Can't be that all republicans think this way, can it? I mean, isn't there a group called the "logcabin" republicans?

We must draw hope from somewhere...but we lie and wait for the people we elected to represent us, to really represent us and stop fucking around. Impeach the bastards, I say. Hire independent counsel and fire up the war parties.


Bill Frist is not a ''main stream'' Republican.

As Senate Majority Leader, he's out of his depth.

Politics is the art of compromise. If you can't fashion a compromise when you're in the majority, what's your claim to govern?

Reapportionment to nearly all safe seats has led to the election of fools, people who, because they think they're ''good'' Christian believers, have the right to demand specific performance from ''the others,'' those who are ''bad'' and coincidentally didn't vote for them. These elected officials have heretofore always been on the losing end of elections. Paranoid, they felt that their views were not being represented in government, which of course they weren't. But no one was forcing the mainstream view on them. They were free to partake if they wished, but no one was forcing them. They don't understand that tolerance is the mainstream view. They're now attempting to force their view on the mainstream.

The solution is reapportionment into all competitive districts. Or fascism. Whichever comes first.

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