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May 22, 2005



Hey, if the APA supports GLBT folks, why aren't more people in favore of "liberty, and justice for all?"


P.S. I had to grab this link from you Rock City. It was just too good to pass up. Take a gander at my page if you like, I did link up with you to drive some traffic you way.

Blog on Brother.

P.P.S. while you are over there have a look at some of the commentary by "AtRandom" and see if this reichwinger can liven up your day.

rock city

thanks! i don't know where to start with him... i was gonna sit down and go over point by point but it's so much - though still quite easy to counter. maybe i'll have some time tonight. it's a bit useless tho, i don't think he's open to real debate.


No worries about replying to random. The silly thing of it is that, obviously, he spent more time writing the comment than I did on the actual post. And, there are so many flaws in logic, that the meat of s/he said is all rotten. I can't get past the opening insults. If you start your commentary with an insult, that says to me the remainder of the argument is all wormwood.

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