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January 25, 2006



Okay, now I have to go see this film, or just borrow your copy.:-)

That's a powerful last sentence in your bost RockCity. Can you expound?

rock city

Actually, I saw this one in the theater.

To expound: it just seems to me that people who fabricate relationships based on manipulation and facades, and lie to themselves about it, are afraid of real connection and intimacy. This damages everyone involved.

Perry, the killer with whom Capote falls in love, expresses his sympathy for one of his victims by slitting his throat. Capote does the same to Perry, albeit metaphorically. As Capote admits, it's as if they both grew up in the same house, but Perry escaped through the back door, while Capote escaped through the front.

Don't we all know people like this? And don't some of us marry them?


Yes indeed. We do know them. If you are lucky, you will meet the genuine antithesis of the kind of people you describe. Then you will know. The trick is getting lucky and then being smart enough to do something about it.

I definately have to go see this movie.

blog on brother, blog on.

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